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Victorian Roses - The Originals - Calligraphy Collection

Victorian Roses - The Originals - Calligraphy Collection

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Victorian Roses 

'Let us be glad to have forgot
That roses fade, and loves are not,
As dreams, immortal, though they seem
Almost as real as a dream.It is for this I see you rise,
A wraith, with starlight in your eyes' 


By Arthur Symons (1865-1915)


Print~Sisters brings you a unique collection of framed original artworks inscribed with quotes and poems. 

Your chance to own a unique piece of print History. 

These delicate original paper artworks travelled from French textile mills to private clients and dressmakers all over Europe to be produced as bespoke orders onto luxurious silks and cottons. Decorated with fine natural elements, created from multiple interlocking carved wood plates, these prints exhibit outstanding craftsmanship and insight into historical patterns.

Over 200 years later these fragile remnants withstand the test of time both in beauty and conservation. The unique marks show a journey of the makers process, each design is unique with its beautiful folds, ageing and tears.

To add to the timeless romance, veils of poetic scripts and sweet sentiments have been hand written with coloured inks and metallic pigments by the wonderful Lydia Packham.

Available framed only. 

Only to be delivered with in the U.K 


Vintage Artwork Circa 1910's Print~Sisters Archive 
Poetic Text By Lydia Packham



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