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No.099 - Ethereal Leaves - Vintage Archive Poster Prints

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 Ethereal Leaves


Ethereal leaves weave lace, a delicate cocoon,

Crystallized wings, in the light of the moon.

A celestial ballet, a nocturnal trance,

Nature's artistry in the cosmic dance.

Light, like a secret, through this mosaic gleams,

A shimmering symphony of crystalline dreams.

Moonbeams whisper, stars softly sing,

In this garden of dreams, where enchantment takes wing.

Ephemeral beauty, a moment in grace,

A tapestry spun in the moonlit space.

In this cocoon of dreams, where enchantment clings,

Light shines through, on crystallized wings.


To ensure the enduring quality of this design, it has been faithfully reproduced on ethically sourced materials. The process involves the use of digital printing techniques to capture the artisan's hand, the craftsmanship involved, the array of pigments, and the delicate precision that makes this artwork truly exceptional.




A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)
A3 (29.7cm x 42cm)
A2 (42cm x 59.4cm)
A1 (594mm x 840mm)
30cm x 40cm
40cm x 50cm
50cm x 70cm



Eco Art Paper  |  Printed in the UK

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