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Print~Sisters X Lick

Lick's colour consultants met with us in our studio to delve deep into the archive.  Together we curated this series of wallpaper patterns that celebrate unique craftsmanship.
Foliage 01
Bustling botanicals of teals and greens wrestle on the forest floor in this lush foliage wallpaper. A hand-painted French print from the 18th century, Foliage 01's rich colours and flowing leaves are perfect for spaces in need of natural drama!
Clover 03
Clover 03 looks how a fresh spring morning feels. Recreated from an early 1900's French print, this relaxing yet refreshing wallpaper features serene blue and white leaves cascading from ceiling to floor, dotted along delicate white vines.  
Clover 02
Strawberry shortcake meets nature's greatest in Clover 02. This mood-boosting pattern uses bubblegum pink and an earthy red for a warming twist to a foliage print. While the vertical flow of this 18th-century pink leaf wallpaper creates height.
Clover 01 
You're in luck when you choose Clover 01. Tumbling happy-go-lucky greens and whites create this ceiling to floor green clover wallpaper, inspired by French silk prints from the 1900s. Hand-drawn and printed on paste-the-wall application wallpaper.
Diamond 01
Taken straight from an 19th century fabric design, this pink stripe wallpaper is too gorgeous to be lost. The diamonds and stripes create structure, while the earthy red, soft pink, and easygoing white add warmth and playfulness to Diamond 01.
Bubble 01

Bubble 01 is a geometric treat. Our blue diamond wallpaper is straight from a 1930's French textile print, featuring hand-painted bubble blue diamonds. And, emphasised by black detailing and contrasted by fresh white space for a striking design.