ENJOY 50% OFF YOUR SECOND PIECE OF ARTWORK WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY PRINT FROM OUR COLLECTION - including our alphabet collection & screen print collection. ENJOY 50% OFF YOUR SECOND PIECE OF ARTWORK WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY PRINT FROM OUR COLLECTION - including our alphabet collection & screen print collection.

Our Story


Print~Sisters Archive, founded in 2020 by the creative sister duo, Alexia and Claudia, born during the initial lockdown, this small, independent, female-led company curates an extensive collection of rare artworks, historical prints, and timeless textile patterns. Our ethos revolves around celebrating craftsmanship, blending creativity with heritage, and embodying a sense of timeless style. Through reviving vintage prints, we manifest our passion for fashion, interior design, and a commitment to environmental consciousness, offering accessible art to all.
Our archive is a treasure trove of rare textile artworks, showcasing unique handcrafted designs spanning from the 1800s to the 1970s. We engage in the meticulous restoration, reworking, and reviving designs, paying homage to the artists and artistic movements of the times with a contemporary touch. Committed to sustainability, we produce limited editions of 500 per design, incorporating digital restoration and creative enhancements, such as colour variations and unique element highlights. The collection was originally sourced from French textile manufacturers predominantly from Lyon and nearby textile regions, our collection also features vintage textile samples from Belgium, Italy, and Britain. Presently, our offerings include blankets, cushion covers, wallpaper, and prints.
Enriched by a childhood in a family of creators, our formative years were filled with elements of dressing up, drawing, travel, gallery explorations, and visits to vintage markets. Our affection for vintage dresses, jewellery, textiles, furniture, and the arts and crafts blossomed organically. Guided by our Belgian heritage, regular trips to Brussels, coupled with our grandmother's influence, ignited a profound love for Art Nouveau and Art Deco architectural spaces. This affection extended to nature-inspired interior motifs and intricate patterns, shaping the foundation of our creative journey.
Nestled in Hackney, London, our hands-on collaboration entails the meticulous selection of prints, the crafting of print stories, and poetic connections that convey sentiments. This organic process draws inspiration from seasons, films, exhibitions, and moods, guiding us to embrace what resonates as most beautiful at the time. Our approach to selection and development is intentional and unrushed, with customer feedback serving as a source of joy and inspiration. This feedback builds anticipation for the forthcoming waves of creativity. The evolution of our archive collection mirrors our ongoing development and the continual expansion of our offerings.

We've channelled our passion into an archive that has inspired fashion and interior designers alike. We have collaborated with independent designers and renowned brands worldwide such as Real Hackney DaveDaydressLick and Oasis. Our brand has been seen in Vogue, House and Garden UK, Elle Decoration, and will soon be featured in TrendBible and The English Home as we've just received a 2024 New Year Honours Award!



At the heart of our business is our gratitude to the environment around us, striving to be as eco-friendly as we can. We work with 100% recycled and sustainable papers and materials wherever possible. We are proud to be partnered with Tree Sisters, a tree planting charity which also offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women's leadership and nature-connection, as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers- a sentiment we reflect in our work to restore vintage designs. We are always seeking out ways we can further achieve a full circle eco approach to our products.
Can’t find quite what you’re looking for? 
We love to see an idea flourish, so if you have a personal project or design in mind, contact us studio@printsistersarchive.comwe’d love to help bring your project to life!
Did you know? We’re also a sister company of The Printsmiths a specialist textile design consultancy, so if textile design is what you’re looking for, appointments are available to book here to explore fashion ideas and view collections.