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Ophelia Roses Blanket

Ophelia Roses Blanket

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Ophelia Roses

Out of Dawn

Trembling with moon-mist
The glow of a sun-gold rose!
Wild as a wood bird note,
Fragrant as crushed wine.


Published in Poetry – A Magazine of Verse
By Lucy Eddy, February 1918

This beautiful blanket has two sides:
As night, dark emerald & midnight tones ~ As day, a bed of  blushed roses. Both sides with accents of turquoise & wine highlights.
Ophelia Roses was originally designed in 1927 as a block print for silks. This romantic pattern has been revived & crafted with attention to detail, using ethical suppliers to create meaningful products for your home.

Use as a cosy throw, wall tapestry, rug & picnic blanket, with versatile function lending itself to life and all its moments. Embrace and be comforted by the natural elements.

* Please note the back of the blanket are reversed colours.


MADE FROM:  98% recycled cotton 2% poly

SIZE: 213.36 x 157.48cm / 84 x 62in

CARE: Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle, and dry on a cool cycle or line dry.


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