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Inner~Sense - Tree of Life


Inner ~ Sense
Natural Temple Incense
~Tree Of Life~
Cedarwood Blend ~ Warrior Spirit, Align With Evergreen Friends.
Cedarwood the evergreen tree of life, symbolising eternal love, immortality and spiritual power. Cedarwood is used as a spiritual guide by promoting a deeper relaxed state, increasing focus for insight and meditation. This warm and woody scent, encourages confidence, strength and wellbeing.
Premium grade, hand-rolled, "temple" incense made with
a blend of organic essential oils. 100% chemical free.
Vegan & Ethically made in the U.K.


20 in a pack 
The ancient Egyptians imported incense creating mysterious alchemical blends,
 applied as medicines & burned in the temples for sacred ritual,
an aromatic devotion of  living with divine presence.
Symbolically, the rising smoke
carried the dreams and offerings
to the Heavens as a way to
embody a manifestation of the
Gods & Goddesses.
Print~Sisters brings you a collection
of incense blends, to inspire & awaken
the Inner Senses.
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